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Our History

The Founder

Perrydell Farm and Dairy was bought by Howard Perry in 1923. Purchasing 170 acres, and renting 180 acres of pristine farmland, allowed this up and coming farm to thrive. 

From Howard Perry, the farm passed to his two sons, George and Roger. With their forethought and growth, the brothers pushed to opened a milk bottling plant on the property. Their upgrades paved the way for Perrydell's continued success. From growing food for the cows to eat, to bottling the milk the cows produce, this farm has been fully self sufficient for decades.

In 2021, the farm can support three family households on just 120 cows milk! Luckily everyone stays involved, and a family who farms together, stays together!

Today the farm is owned by George's three sons, Tom, Greg, and Chip. Everyday they remain committed to sharing the beauty and serenity of the farm while continuing to work around those who come to visit. All the while producing the highest quality dairy products for all to enjoy! 


Uncle Enos Perry with the first calf born by artificial insemination in the United States

The MVps

"Mooo-st Valuable Players"


"All the good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking cows."

          -Grant Wood

Our Cows

At Perrydell Farm and Dairy, we raise and breed Holstein cattle. Our herd is enclosed, which means we birth all the replacement cattle on our farm. Our herd consists of approximately 250 Holstein. Our cows are milked twice a day, with no hormone injections to help their production.  

Happy cows produce the most milk, so its no wonder we only have to milk 120 of the 250 to be successful! 



Some Fun Facts About Holsteins

Holsteins originated in the Northern Netherlands over 2,000 years ago. 

Holstein cows are characterized as the "black and white" cows. Occasional  "red" cows are born as a result of a recessive genetic trait.

Mature Holsteins can weigh 1500lbs, and stand 58" tall. making them the largest dairy breed in the US!

The average Holstein produces up to 75lbs, or 9 gallons of milk a day!


Milk Champions

The world record for milk production was set by a Holstein cow in 2017

 “Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918”,  produced 78,170 pounds of milk in a single year.

A record previously held by another Holstein cow in 1995. 

 "Raim Mark Jinx", produced enough milk to fill over 100,000 glasses!


Fill your glass with our milk!

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