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Our Products

Perrydell Products

Milk, Ice Cream, Butter! Oh, My!!

Bottled onsite, fresh from our cows to you!

We offer Whole Milk, 2%, and Skim.

Classic flavored milks, such as chocolate and strawberry, are always on hand too!

Seasonal flavors are also available throughout the year! 

Last, but not least, our homemade ice cream!

Made fresh in house, for your enjoyment!

Visit our farm store to view all of our milk, and ice cream options! 

Many vendors across the county sell our milk too.

 Check our milk map to find a retailer near you! 


The Farm Store

Delicious, and Fun Items on Every Shelf


We partner with local businesses to bring you quality products from all over the county! 

In addition to our amazing dairy products, you'll find baked goods, snacks, assorted sandwiches, knick knacks, and even Perrydell merchandise!

So come and see what is new on our shelves, and enjoy our famous ice cream too! 

Check back with us daily for updated flavors, and treats! 

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